Tiny Academy : Building side projects to sell

A prestigious community of developers collaborating & building projects to sell on Tiny Acquisitions.

Tiny Academy : Building side projects to sell
Tiny Academy: A Tiny Acquisitions product

We recently launched Tiny Academy, a new product of Tiny Acquisitions to provide a community for 'Super Creators' to collaborate, network and build side projects to sell on Tiny Acquisitions.

From taking note of our daily operations and collecting data from a survey we sent to our sellers, we have identified that there are special sellers who we dub Super Creators who have the constant urge to build something new and are able to produce back of the napkin ideas into fully functional apps within a few days. These serial creators are able to sell these projects for profit within a few hours of posting them on Tiny Acquisitions. Buyers tend to gobble these projects as soon as they are listed.

We wanted to make a special distinction of these Super Creators on the platform to let our buyers know that projects from these sellers are high caliber and they also had the opportunity to engage these sellers for work-for-hire scenarios. We also wanted to make these projects easier to filter in a search of our marketplace. We will place a super creator badge on sellers whose work we have vetted and in our opinion can turn over value added solutions for buyers at a fast pace. By building a community of Super Creators, we create win-win for both buyers and sellers in the event of an acquisition.

After an acquisition event, buyers may also be able to contract these Super Creators to improve on the app they are acquiring, or get a contract developer to work on other unrelated projects (this will be up to buyer and seller to arrange).

You can apply for Tiny Academy here.

Please also see our Tiny Acquisition marketplace if you are seeking to acquire a tiny project.

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Campbell,

Founder of Tiny Acquisitions