Side Projects for Sale

The best kinds of starter businesses to buy online nowadays are side projects.

Side Projects for Sale

The best kind of starter businesses to buy online nowadays seem to be side projects. The kind that people have been working on for about 6 months to around 2 years, it's made some revenue (or not) but needs some TLC to grow it to a real significant monthly cash flow.

The truth is, not all makers of side projects know how to grow businesses; they are starters, not growth experts. So they start really great projects and validate the idea with a nice revenue sometimes ($100 - $500 MRR) but get stumped on how to get the project to the next level.

As the founder of Tiny Acquisitions, a marketplace for buying and selling these types of projects, I see these side projects get listed and sold all the time. As soon as a listing goes up I can tell if it's gonna get sold pretty soon or not. I can't give away all the secrets I've gathered on developing the eye for spotting these side projects but what I'm gonna do is share five (5) of these really great projects that haven't been sold yet. I know they will do well in the hands of someone who knows growth and marketing.

Here, let's take a look at some side projects for sale:

  1. Tee Tweets

Price: $19,999

Revenue: $400/mo

Community Size: 7,440

Lifespan: 5.3 years

What is it?

It's a store to purchase T-shirts with tweets on them through a simple process. You can find tweets by entertainers, athletes, musicians, and other celebrities. Or, wear your own tweets (or your friend's/family's). Also if the tweet doesn't exist, create it from scratch and customize the t-shirt.

Creator: Hiram

2. Tressel

Price: $10,000

Revenue: -$11/mo [Opportunity]

Community Size: 245

Lifespan: 0.8 years

What is it?

Tressel is a freemium, productivity SaaS that allows users to send content from all over the Internet (e.g. from Twitter, Reddit, Pocket, Kindle & more) to their note-taking apps (e.g. Notion, Obsidian, Evernote).

Creator: Aseem

3. Design Thinking Starter Kit

Price: $2,500

Revenue: $256/mo

Community Size: 0 [Opportunity]

Lifespan: 2.3 years

What is it?

The Design Thinking Starter Kit is a successful digital product that contains all the necessary digital materials to conduct design thinking workshops for different participants.

Creator: Mateusz

4. Observe

Price: $5,000

Revenue: $136/mo

Community Size: 0 [Opportunity]

Lifespan: 0.4 years

What is it?

Easy & reliable uptime and performance monitoring, with highly customizable notifications.

Creator: Andrew G

5. Flowpro

Price: $6,253

Revenue: $0/mo [Opportunity]

Community Size: 138

Lifespan: 2 years

What is it?

FlowPro is an intuitive tool to map processes: a simple drag-and-drop interface to quickly and effortlessly build workflow diagrams and process flows.

Creator: VIP Graphics

These are just a few that I picked out that were really interesting and I have a whole lot more to share too... You can see handpicks that our team does on a regular basis here: as well as search the marketplace yourself of over 500 side projects for sale here:

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Campbell

Founder of